SEMICON 2014 Resource Page

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We collected technical papers, presentations and product sheets which specifically address the needs of those in microelectronics manufacturing industry.  To the right you will find links to new innovative solutions from SACHEM. For more information please contact us today.

Envure™ System – For IC Manufacturing

SACHEM is a leading supplier of semiconductor chemicals used in photoresist developers, selective etchants, wafer cleaners and chemical strippers.

Envure System product sheet download.

  • Envure SE™ – for etching applications
  • Envure CL™ – and Envure CM™ for cleaning and post-CMP applications
  • Envure DV™ – for photoresist developer and lithography applications
  • Envure ST™ – components for stripping applications requiring little or no water


Devera™- For FPD | LED Manufacturing

Devera™ is a portfolio of chemicals for formulators creating solutions specifically designed for the requirements of flat panel (FPD) and light emitting diode (LED) manufacturing challenges.

Devera product sheet download.

  • Devera ST™ – for aqueous and non-aqueous bulk photoresist and edge-bead removal
  • Devera DV™ – for thin film transistor array developer applications
  • Devera CL™ – for cleaning applications while protecting conducting materials from corrosion




New Innovations from SACHEM

IGZO Processing

Whitpaper: Wet Chemical Damage Free In-Ga-Zn-O TFT Processing

Video: IGZO Innovation

Product Sheet Download

Reveal Etch 

Reveal Etch is for fast, smooth silicon etching (3D Imaging, 3D Packaging)

Product Sheet Download

Technical Paper:  Wet Silicon Etch Process for TSV Reveal