Ethyltributylammonium Hydroxide | CAS# 6649-87-6 | N-627

SACHEM’s Ethyltributylammonium Hydroxide (N-627) is a developmental product available globally.  Ethyltributylammonium Hydroxide

Benefit of SACHEM’s N-627

  • High purity
  • Stable quality
  • Industry specific qualities available
  • Low metal content
  • Low halide content

We have found several applications for N-627

  • Phase transfer catalyst
  • Zeolite structure directing agent
  • High pH Electronics formulation component for chemical strippers and wafer cleaners
  • Polymer catalyst
  • Unique surface activity modifier

SACHEM’s Ethyltributylammonium Hydroxide (N-627) can be made in a variety of solvents or solid. Let us customize our product for your application.

Available Products
Ethyltributylammonium Hydroxide 20% (N-627) DEVELOPMENTAL
CAS# 6649-87-6
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