Zeolite Template Manufacturing

Zeolites are crystalline molecular structures used as catalyst supports and absorbents. The synthesis of sophisticated zeolite-based catalysts requires the use of templates or structure directing agents (SDAs). These templates and SDAs can require difficult and complex manufacturing methods to produce the molecular structures and achieve the required purity levels necessary for the challenging synthesis of zeolites.

SACHEM manufactures raw materials, additives, and auxiliaries critical to the production of synthetic zeolites and catalysts. SACHEM’s support for the zeolite industry includes the design of leading edge structure directing agents from highly pure, precise traditional halide salts as well as more exotic salts. We also specialize in producing an extensive range of ammonium hydroxides that meet the very demanding specifications of the industry and we continuously develop new and unique templates at the request of our customers.

Zeolite Applications

  • Catalysis: cracking, isomerisation and hydrocarbon synthesis, petroleum refining, petrochemical production
  • Absorption: drying, purification and separation, gas separation,
  • Ion Exchange: water softening, detergent, soaps

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We developed our line of ZeoGen™ products and services for highly complex applications in order to meet increasingly stringent quality, environmental and superior performance standards in the Catalyst industry.


ZeoGen™ SDA Services

Check out our ZeoGen™ Structure Directing Agent (SDA) Services for customized template manufacturing.

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